GRDGA League Guidelines

Last Revised on: April 14, 2014 by Gary Meyer and Christopher Cuculick

Article A - League

  1. The league(s) shall abide by the GRDGA Guidelines.
  2. Play will start the 1st week of May and end at a week before the Labor Day.
  3. Splitting into 2 or more divisions – each divisions shall be named after a PGA/LPGA player’s name.
    1. Average in order starting from lowest to highest and then divided into divisions.
    2. All divisions shall be numerically equal.
    3. If the last division has an odd number of players, Mr. Course shall be added to ease the schedule making. Otherwise, a sub player (if available) shall be in place of Mr. Course.

Article B - Finances

  1. The league fee includes the green fees, prizes, stipends and outing fees (per yearly contractual basis from a pro shop).
  2. Payment
    1. One-time payment of the league fee to be made to the Treasurer.
    2. The league fee is non-refundable after the date of payment to the Pro Shop.

Article C - Prizes

  1. Awarded to League Player only.
    1. In each division, each players sorted in 1st place to last place will get cash prize.
  2. All prizes are in cash.

Article D - Officers and Duties

  1. President
    1. Signs the contract with the Pro Shop.
    2. Holds the election of the Officers at the last day of the league at the clubhouse.
    3. Arranges for the league outing in the fall.
    4. Can call out for a general meeting during the league as needed!
  2. Score Keeper
    1. Is responsible for calculating individual handicap, scoring and league standings.
    2. Tallies the members’ weekly play and post the results on the GRDGA website.
    3. Receives a stipend of $45.00.
  3. Treasurer
    1. Collects league fees.
    2. Provides information for cash prizes at year-end league outing.
    3. Issues a financial statement at year-end to League Officers.
    4. Pays green fees to the Pro Shop before the 1st week of league
    5. Collects substitute fees. The substitute fee is $7.00.

Article E - Golfer

  1. Current League Golfer will have first choice for the next year’s league first, before anyone else.
  2. Vacancies in the League to be filled by priority from the master waiting list maintained by President. Priority to be as follows:
    1. Previous league members (if they had been a member for at least one full year) who were out of the league for personal reason.
  3. League Golfer (s) can come back after one year of absence due to his/her personal reason only. A new golfer, who replaces the one-year absent golfer, will have to be put back (at the top) on the master waiting list.
  4. New League Golfer Policy – Unless he/she is not in the top division, he/she may qualify to be in higher division if he/she has a good average and shows proof and secures by the President approval:
    1. At least 6 times of substituting in the previous year, OR
    2. Scores from other league in the previous year
  5. New golfer’s average must not exceed 60.
  6. Current League Golfer(s) will stay in the league regardless of his/her average that exceeds the score of 60.

Article F - Rules of Play

  1. The USGA Rules of Golf governs all golf play, except for local course rules listed on the scorecard and items noted (defined by the Rules Committee) below. Each golfer is responsible for the knowledge of USAG Rules of Play, the local course rules and the items below. Note: If you are not sure, ASK before doing anything to avoid a penalty.
  2. Winter Rules (known as “Preferred lie” or “Improved lie”) – The ball may be moved within 6 inches form the original position (using the head of a club ONLY) when on the fairway or in the rough. It must not be any nearer to the hole. This rule MAY NOT be used to obtain relief from hazards (traps, water, etc…). The league shall play the Winter Rules until just before the Memorial Day weekend. Then the league shall play the Winter Rules only if the ball is on the fairway. Note: The USGA does not endorse preferred lies and declares them in conflict with the Rules of Golf.
  3. Plugged Balls – The ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed (near the plug mark) in fairway, rough and other fairways without incurring a penalty, except in a designated hazard. The golfer must keep all obstacles in the line of flight to the pin when taking relief. Rule 252 – Embedded ball. Note: Sand traps are not covered by this rule.
  4. Lost Ball – A new ball may be dropped with a 1-stroke penalty. The drop area should be as near as possible to where the ball was last seen to go. If any questions of placing arise, mutually agree with your opponent. This applies to all lost balls, including those on the fairway.
  5. Out of Bounds – The golfer may elect to drop a new ball within two club lengths of the POINT OF EXIT, not nearer to the hole, with a 1-stroke penalty.
  6. Speed of Play
    1. Be ready for your turn and limit your practice swings to maximum of 3 times.
    2. Read your putting line while waiting for your turn to putt, as long as you are not interfering with other golfer’s line.
    3. If your ball is within a putter’s length of the cup and if you are not interfering with other golfer’s line, continue to hole out.
    4. Gimmie’s are allowed in this league. Any putt within 3 feet of the hole may be conceded. This is not mandatory; a gimmie putt is at the discretion of your opponent.
    5. The maximum score for each hole is double the par of the hole.
    6. Substitutes – The league golfer MUST inform the league Score Keeper and his/her opponent if he/she is unable to play. The absent golfer will attempt to seek and secure a substitute .
    7. Darkness – If a league golfer feels it is getting too dark to continue playing, he/she must inform his/her opponent. Unfinished hole(s) may be halved. His/her score shall not be used for his/her scoring average.
  7. Rainouts
    1. If you are not sure, show up at the league regardless. The Rule Committee will decide whether the league will play or not. UNLESS, the Pro Shop declares that the golf course is unplayable.
    2. If you see lighting, LEAVE THE GOLF COURSE IMMEDIATELY. President will decide when to resume the play or cancel/reschedule if necessary.
  8. No Shows
    1. Re: I. Standings, Section 2 (If a league golfer fails to inform the Officers that he/she would not show up for 6 or more times, he/she will automatically be moved to last place in the division.)
    2. Re: J. Substitutes, Section 2 (When a member confirms a substitute will play for this absent golfer, then the absent golfer changes his/her mind and shows up when the substitute shows up, the substitute will play )
    3. If there is any substitute available on the golf course, he/she is welcome to subsitutes for any member who is a no show for the day.
  9. Foursome Play
    1. It is strongly recommended that twosome from two different divisions to play in a foursome.
    2. If a golfer from a division is not present, the golfers from the same division as a foursome are permitted.

Article G - Handicap

  1. The maximum handicap is 25.
  2. A golfer’s handicap (no rounding off) will be: 4 lowest scores out of 6 previous scores = 90% x ((4 lowest scores / 4) – 36).
  3. If a golfer has less than 6 scores, use this method below to calculate the handicap:
    1. If only 1, 2 or 3 scores are present, the handicap would be 90% x (lowest score - 36).
    2. If 4 scores are present, the handicap would be 90% x ((2 lowest scores / 2) – 36).
    3. If 5 scores are present, the handicap would be 90% x ((3 lowest scores / 3) – 36).
  4. ESC – Equitable Stroke Control is a system used by the USGA to minimize the effects of “disaster holes” on handicap indexes. If a golfer had 10 strokes on a hole, it would put an impact in golfer’s handicap. ESC is used only for the calculation of handicap.
  5. Holes will be handicapped according to the golf course scorecard.
  6. Maximum difference between 2 opponents is limited as follows:
    1. 1 stroke on par-3 holes (150 yards or more).
    2. No handicap is used on par-3 holes that are smaller than 150 yards.
  7. Alternates and new members’ handicap will be established from the scores of the previous year from an established club or league.
  8. In the event where your opponent or his alternate does not show, the following chart will be used to determine the number of strokes added to your handicap when playing against the course.
    1. Add 4 strokes if in top division; add 5 strokes if not in top division

Article H - Scoring

  1. Each golfer will play as an individual in Stroke Play. He/she shall record his gross score on each hole on the scoreboard. He/she will play against his/her scheduled opponent. If the opponent doesn’t show up or no sub is available, the golfer shall play against the course. Note: The course (which the golfer plays against) acts an opponent.
  2. In Match Play – the maximum points for a golfer and his/her opponent is 20 points.
    1. Your net score is compared to your opponent golfer’s net score on each hole. The golfer with the lower score on a hole wins 2 points (and the opponent will get no point on that hole). If tied, each golfer get 1 point each on that hole.
    2. Your gross score (after 9 holes) subtracted by your handicap is compared to your opponent golfer’s gross score subtracted by the opponent golfer’s handicap. It is called net score. The lower net score wins 2 points at the end of the match. If tied, each golfer get 1 points each at the end of the match.
    3. A golfer with higher total points (sum of hole points and net score points) wins the Match Play.
    4. Both golfers must sign their names on the scorecard before giving the signed scorecard to the league Score Keeper.
  3. If both golfers who are scheduled to play against each other do not show up, both golfers will automatically get 9 points in total each.

Article I - Standings

  1. In each division, league golfers on the list will be sorted from the highest total points to the lowest. At the end of the last day of the league, the golfer in each division with the highest total points wins the championship.
  2. If a member had failed to inform the Officers that he/she would not show up for 6 or more times, he/she will automatically placed last in the division.
  3. On the last day of the league, if 2 or more golfers are tied for 1st place in a division, they shall go for sudden-death playoff.

Article J - Substitutes

  1. The substitute fee will be $7.00. The fee is payable to the Treasurer. (Cash only)
  2. On the last day of the match plays (not in league tournament), no substitutes shall play for members but they are welcome to play in the last foursome.
  3. The average must not exceed 60

Article K - Changes in Organization and Rules

  1. Any proposed motion must be made in writing (on a piece of paper or electronically). This is called a motion bill.
  2. The written motion bill must consist of: Created date, a motion title, explanation of this purpose, his/her name, and name of the person who seconded.
  3. The motion bill must be submitted to the President for review and discussion. If the bill has no seconded signature, it will be discarded. The President will justify, review, discuss and vote on the new motion bill.
  4. Two procedures for changes:
    1. For new or change in guidelines.
    2. If the League Golfers (present at meeting) who votes 51% or more, the new motion bill passes.